The Punjabi Resource Directory for Alcohol Use Disorder (Alcoholism) is a starting point for Punjabi families who struggle with alcohol use and are seeking help for themselves or a loved one.

We hope that this resource provides an understanding of what alcohol use disorder is, along with ways to manage alcohol use disorder, and specific resources that can help in its treatment. Specifically, we hope to bring a Punjabi-centered lens to accessing these resources. 

While there are many families in the Punjabi community who have members who struggle with alcohol use, there is very little direction on where people can go for help. This project, lead by a UBC Medical Student and Dr. Nitasha Puri, Roshni Clinic Medical Director, and supported by South Asian Mental Health Alliance Youth Ambassadors, began as a way to fill that gap in the community. It is our hope that through this resource we can begin breaking down the stigma of discussing alcohol use disorder in our community and be better equipped to help with its consequences.